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  • Ryan Engelstad

    Ryan Engelstad

    Therapist writing about mental health and behavior change. Check out my podcast, Pop Psych 101: https://www.poppsych101.com

  • Hattie Jean Hayes

    Hattie Jean Hayes


  • Haaniyah Angus

    Haaniyah Angus

    hire me: info@haaniyah.com

  • Dominique Nisperos

    Dominique Nisperos

    Dominique is a comedian living her best life despite racial capitalism and a Doctoral Candidate in Sociology at the City University of New York, Graduate Center

  • Wil Wheaton

    Wil Wheaton

    Wizard. Time Lord. Fake geek girl. On a good day I am charming as fuck.

  • Sam Grittner

    Sam Grittner

    Writer. Stand-up comedian. Geisha. (I also created @TonightonGIRLS) www.SamGrittner.com

  • Rachel Music

    Rachel Music

    Rachel’s a writer and writes a bunch of stuff, mostly dumb stuff. She is also /u/queen_slug-4-a-butt where she writes dumber stuff. She’s also Kittyhawk Boone.

  • Christina Tucker

    Christina Tucker

    Film person. Trying my best.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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