Five songs that will help you feel a bit better.

As autumn approaches we often feel melancholic, wistful, and maybe just a little colder. During this time a great way to beat the blues is music. I have compiled a list of songs that make me feel just a little bit lighter.

5) Cut to the Feeling

Cut to the Feeling is a track off of the B-Side of Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen. It was also featured in the film Ballerina as a single. Cut to the Feeling is a song of longing for a new comfortable, yet exciting relationship. You might view it as a metaphor for the coming changes of autumn. The Song expresses the desire to fully commit to the new, to take no half measures, and to allow yourself to feel what you want. This track is perfect for amping yourself up before something important, walking around town, or screaming into the night while driving with the windows down.

4) Seven Nights, Seven Days

Written by Jon Fratelli and performed by The Fratellis from the album We Need Medicine, Seven Night, Seven Days is an upbeat pop tune that will make you feel just a little bit better about being stuck in a dead-end job. In the chorus, the narrator examines how depressing things are in their life with the line “Another reason not to get out of bed.” Then begs someone to “Show me the way brother, show me a sign sister,” with the addendum, “I’m not the only one waiting to be born.” Which infers a longing to get something started a new beginning that many of us crave during the changes in seasons. This song is perfect as an alarm tone and for drunken nights spent at home.

3) Any track off of the Stardew Valley Soundtrack

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator created by Concerned Ape. It is filled with kind bisexuals and cryptid creatures. I won’t get into the plot or operations of the game here, but it’s available on all major consoles as well as PC and Mobile Devices. The soundtrack is by far the best part of the game. With lilting lovely melodies that enhance the growing of crops and shearing of sheep, this soundtrack creates a cocoon of warmth and fun. Stardew Valley has some of the most calming music I’ve ever heard. The opening overture is particularly soothing. This soundtrack is ideal of anxious days, pushed deadlines, and writing in the mornings.

2) Boat Drinks

Written and performed by Jimmy Buffet off of the B-Side of Survive, Boat Drinks an ode to wanting to be in a warmer, more fun elsewhere. The narrator recounts how they are currently in a cold, dreary place filled with hockey games, 20-degree weather, and nowhere to go. This song is perfect for making eggs in the morning, planning your day, or smoking on a cigarette on a fire escape.

1)Here Comes the Sun

Off of The Beatles’ penultimate Abbey Road written by George Harrison, Here Comes the Sun is my favorite modern piece of music. It is a perfect combination of hopeful and wistful. Inspiring a longing for the past and excitement for the now. This song always allows me to take a moment to reflect on and accept myself. Play this walking to a grocery store or a subway station, breathing in the crisp autumn air and wondering why things feel the same and yet so different.

Post your favorite autumnal song in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Hello there! My name is Tristan Miller. I act, podcast, write, and perform stand-up comedy all with a focus towards mental health.

Hello there! My name is Tristan Miller. I act, podcast, write, and perform stand-up comedy all with a focus towards mental health.